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The Wood Energy Workshop

for Esse Ironheart Wood Fired Cookstove Info
Heathing With A Wood Fired Cook StoveWe have a workshop on wood heating and cooking that you might enjoy taking. Though very tradidional new technology and techniques has helped wood to emerge as a newly revitilized renewable energy source.

Our Workshop explores all the ins and outs of harvesting, drying, handling, wood fuel as well of tips on heating and cooking with wood. In the workshop we explore the latest technologies available that make wood a more effecient energy source
than ever before.

Multi function wood appliances will be much more common in the future and we
are constantly looking for ways to improve your energy bottom line. So when we see the new generation of cook stoves that cook, bake, heat as well as provide hot water we are encouraged by the possibility of haveing one very reliable household energy system that can be fueled by the home owners own efforts.

For Example we tested several wood burning cooking stoves, and found some which is a good demonstration of modern stove engineering. With a deep firebox can take larger logs and sophisticated air controls that can provide exceptional control for cooking, some also provide view of the flame pattern through a glass door. These new generation of cook stoves, fulfilling a dual role as a high output stove and also a multi-fuel supplementary cooking appliance that cooks as beautifully as it warms.

Our instructors can help you find the best cook stove for your home and have come you with a few pointers and generally suggest that when looking for a Wood Fired Cook Stove look for the followig features
- Suitable for overnight burning
- Adjustable Operating range
- Afterburn system for flame and heat control
- High capacity glass fronted firebox
- Steel and Cast iron construction
- Large oven with racks
- Easy and convenient ash removal

This is just one exxample of the kinds of technology we review in our Wood Energy Workshop to help you get the most our of your wood heating experiance. There is a lot of progress in wood energy tichnology and our workshop covers new developments that can optimise your use of wood energy. For more information about the environmental and economic benifits of heating and cooking on a wood fired cooks stove feel free to CONTACT US for our product reviews
and our workshop offerings.

For information on heathing and cooking with wood just call us at 613-475-1121



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for Esse Ironheart Wood Fired Cookstove Info

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