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We asked ..."Can you sum up what you got from your Earthwalk experience in a word?"

"Thanks to my Earthwalk membership I have taken workshops and courses that have expanded my understanding of what it means to live sustainability. From Organic Gardening and Edible Forest workshops to Green Construction and Healthy Homes, I have learned a lot about how I can live better while having a smaller environmental footprint. After taking seminars on Our Changing Climate, Biodiversity and Permaculture I have been changing many of my lesson plans and integrating more environmental considerations into my classroom and working with my students to help them take the whole concept of healthy and sustainable living home with them."
Devan (teacher)  

" Since becoming a member at Earthwalk I have saved a lot on green products and because of their seminars I have been able to continue to reduce our carbon footprint with lots of new ways to save money and energy at the same time. I have removed many hazardous substances from the house which I had not even been aware of. My kids are no longer suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder. After a weekend at Earthwalk they are less techno focused and have taken a real interest in the natural world. It has been great and I appreciate everything that Earthwalk is doing."
Teresa (home keeper)  

"We took energy conservation and renewable energy workshops at Earthwalk. By implementing what we learned we were able to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint dramatically. That sure impacted on our bottom line! I tell you not only was I happy but my accountant is ecstatic! So I bought a corporate membership and now have all my key staff taking workshops as well as we start to create a much more sustainable business model for our future."
John (product distributor)

"I learned how to create a healthy home at Earthwalk. I had no idea how many toxins I had brought into my home in packaging, in cleansers, in the paints we had used, the fabrics in our furniture and even our rugs. I had created an unnecessary toxic load in my home and I was completely oblivious to the risks of electro magnetic radiation. At Earthwalk I learned how to make and find greener and healthier solutions for all my household needs. Now I have a clean and healthy home without toxins and I am feeling a lot better."
Sheila (freelance researcher)  

"My Earthwalk membership paid for itself in the 1st week. Just the money I saved on eco products I purchased that week more than paid for my membership and I have a whole year of more savings on workshops and products still ahead of me. I also love everything I am learning about living the green life. I appreciate the discounts greatly but I also value the Greenzine newsletter and I enjoy the articles in Sustainable Living Magazine as well. In a word its a bargain."
Diana (home based business woman)  

"I have grown and our business has grown. We took Green Building workshops at Earthwalk and learned about many new techniques and technologies that we can incorporate in the new homes we are building. We now offer eco home designs that are much more healthy and energy efficient than anything we were building before. Our profits are up and our sales are now up by over 30% because of it."
Peter (House Designer Builder) 

" For all my working life I have lived in the country and worked in the city. I was on the road 3 to 4 hours a day. I took the Earthwalk Tele Commuters workshop and now with high speed internet, my virtual meeting room and my phone can telecommute and work from home. Now I don't have to put up with traffic, pollution, fatigue or frustrations anymore. I have greatly reduced my environmental footprint ... I actually get more work done now because I am not so tired all the time. Not only that, but by not commuting I just got 20 hours a week back for me! I like my life now !"
Debra (project management specialist) 

"We all want to live a healthy and sustainable life and to pass on a healthy planet to future generations. As a member at Earthwalk I have been learning about all the things we can do to clean up our act. Our eco system is also our life support system and I vision that we can all do what it takes to create a sustainable world for us and for our children.
Karen (events management) 

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