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Sustainability Links

Here is a directory of links to web sites that you may find of interest in exploring your sustainable solutions.

All links should open a new window. Please tell us if you find a broken link - thank you.



Conservation Tips


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Tax Incentives For Green Energy Conservation

Ontario Ministry of Energy :: Conservation : Conservation Action Team : Building a Conservation

Government of Ontario Retail Sales Tax Refund on Solar Systems

Wind, Micro Hydro-Electric and Geothermal Energy Systems Rebate

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Home Power Magazine

Private Power Magazine

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Canada - Utilities
Union Gas
Enbridge Gas Distribution (see energy conservation tips on Residential page)
Toronto Hydro Energy Services
Ontario Hydro Energy Inc.
Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc.
Utilities Kingston
B.C. Hydro - Power Smart
Canadian Energy Efficiency Centre  

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City of Toronto: 20/20 The Way to Clean Air
City of Toronto, Energy Efficiency Department
Environmental Choice EcoLogo Program
Office of Energy Efficiency (Natural Resources Canada)
Information on electricity deregulation from the Ontario Ministry of Energy
Renewable Energy Deployment Initiative

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Energy Action Council of Toronto
Citizens for Renewable Energy
Canadian Association for Renewable Energies
Canadian Wind Energy Association
Solar Energy Society of Canada
Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario
Greenest City
David Suzuki Foundation
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Canadian Energy Efficiency Centre
Canadian Solar Industries Association
Kortright Centre for Conservation

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Green Communities
Green Communities Association
Peterborough Green-Up
Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence
Clean Nova Scotia
Green Communities Nanaimo
Vivre en ville
Atlantic Coastal Action Program
Arctic Energy Alliance
Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative
Lanark and Leeds Green Community
Sault Ste Marie Naturally Green
EcoAction Sudbury
EnviroHome Visit Program
Environment Network of Collingwood
Green Communities Edmonton Association
World Wide Opportunities for Women
City Green Victoria  

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Energy Sites

Association for the Study of Peak Oil

Experts on Oil Peak study the phenomenon.

Culture Change

Demonstrating alternatives to sprawl and petroleum dependence while fighting unwise development such as new road construction.

Eclipse Now

We must clipse our current paradigms or we will be eclipsed. There is no middle ground.

From The Wilderness

Articles about Oil Peak, and the relationship to the so-called War on Terror.

Hubbert Peak

Analysis of the Oil Peak phenomenon by expert geologists.

Life After the Oil Crash

One citizen's excellent effort to inform others about the coming crisis.

New Urbanism.Org

Creating livable, sustainable communities.

Oil Awareness Meetup

International Peak Oil awareness meetup - meet others in your area on the second Wednesday of the month.

Oil Crash

News and commentary on the Oil Peak issue.

Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

ODAC is an independent, educational charity working to raise international public awareness and promote better understanding of the world's oil-depletion problem.

Peak Oil Action

People working together to raise awareness about oil depletion and preparing for a post fossil-fuel age.

Post Carbon Institute

An educational institution that explores what cultures, civilization, governance and economies might look like without the use of hydrocarbon energy.

Surviving Peak Oil

Grass roots ideas

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Earthwalk - Links Of Interest

Here are links to organisations tht have contributed in some way to the success of this web site. We want to thank our sponsors for thier support...

  • Media Arts Center - An amazing marketing and communication arts resource center for organisations large or small.
  • Green Works - An environmental arts resource center that facilitates eco educational programs.
  • Eco Wheels - An Overview of all the latest and greatest in zero emision vehicles from electric bikes and cars to trucks, ATVs, and lawn tractors.
  • Bio Shields - An EMF resource center featuring articles and reviews of varioius tools to shield humans from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.
  • My Life Coach - An introduction to the advantages of having a personal lifecoach to facilitate both professional and personal success.
  • Holistics - A health and welness resource center that explores an integrated approach to optimal health.
  • Green House Enterprise Center - A resource center for research and development of sustainable technologies which facilitates and incubates new eco entreprenurial enterprises.


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