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Natural Health - The Path To Creating Total Health

Designing your life around creating Total Health for you and your family has immeasurable rewards. We all want to be able to reach our optimal human potential. "Be the best person we could possibly be." If we are in fact prepared to make changes to our approach to living this is indeed very possible.

At Earthwalk we offer a variety of resources to facilitate you creating and maintaining natural health, from workshops, seminars and retreats to therapeutic treatments, courses and coaching. We create a holistic approach that reminds us all how our own well being is intimately connected to and dependent upon natural systems.

The art and science of creating true wellness is at this stage, still quite imprecise and there are certainly few hard and fast rules. However some basic realities have been clearly identified as having a major role in creating an overall state of good health and well being. One fact is becoming quite clear. At the foundation of all disease is poor cellular function and poor cell function is almost always caused by either deficiencies or toxicity or both. Creating optimum health requires nurturing your bodies cellular health. This is at the core of reversing disease and as it turns out the relatively simple path to healing and health. But it requires multiple initiatives to repair and to to build the strong foundation of health.

It starts with (but goes way beyond) the basics of eating whole natural foods, drinking clean water, balancing your lifestyle, maintaining physical fitness, nurturing fulfilling relationships, and developing healthy sleeping patterns. These are indeed core ingredients of creating good health. But they are really just the foundation from which we can manifest our optimal potential.

There are many holistic models of total health, and most are framed on developing, optimizing and balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This is where we begin to truly unlock our real potential as human beings... Total Health.

In the pages that follow we will explore a holistic program of assessing, cleansing, healing, balancing, exploring, building and optimizing our life and our personal health.

The objective of designing our life to support total health is first of all to heal and then to unlock and release our true physical, mental, emotional and spiritual potentials. To free "the best person we can be" to live a healthy self directed life that reflects our aspirations and our true potential.

Join us as we explore the intricate "interconnectedness" of the human beings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence and how we can work with each of these to design a life of "total health". As "we are all, at the same time, teachers and students of life" we ask that you explore this with us and share with us your comments and insights.

Explore Earthwalk's Natural Health Resources through the links below...

Total Health
Optimizing and balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives results in the potential for optimal performance and TOTAL HEALTH. Here in lies the art of healthful living. Herein lays the keys to our true potential as human beings.

Attaining total health simply requires the knowledge the skills and most importantly the commitment we make to ourselves.

Are we prepared to commit to a healthy life, community and planet?

If we are not getting what we want out of life we need to look at what we are focusing our attention on. Most of us go about our lives focusing on what is wrong with our lives or in varying states of confusion or at least lack of focus on what we truly want. Are we prepared to move from confusion, to comprehension, to taking action to transform our life?

The question remains for most of us, but in its simplest form it is simply just a question of self love.

Do we "deserve" to be "the best that we could possibly be"?

Do you?...

If you do love yourself, answer this question not with your words, but with your actions.

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