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Volunteering At Earthwalk

If your are interested in hands on participation and learning ask us about our Volunteer Programs or our Intern Programs.

Volunteers - We have several volunteer opportunities at Earthwalk. Volunteer to help with our community education programs and learn more about sustainable living. You can also volunteer to help in the green thumbs gardens, in the kitchen, in our office, in the eco tech workshop, on our construction crew or in the learning centre and much more.

We are both grateful and proud of the great things accomplished by our volunteers.
You will find the current list of Volunteer Opportunities listed below.

Internships - Practicums - Field Placements
There are plenty of intern opportunities at Earthwalk. If you are a student in an environmental science, sustainable development, multi media, agriculture, architecture, engineering, landscaping or other related fields you may qualify for an internship at Earthwalk working and learning in your field of training. You will be supervised in a formal hands on learning program that will develop your knowledge and skills in sustainability as it relates to your chosen field.

Interns earn special privileges at Earthwalk.. They are often related to your area of involvement. If you are accepted as an intern ask our Intern Supervisor about the benefits of Internship at Earthwalk.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for considering Earthwalk as a place to volunteer. From concept to reality Earthwalk is largly a result of volunteer enthusiasm and commitment.

There are various capacities in which you can participate on a volunteer basis at the centre. All of which can contribute directly and indirectly to our mission and our goals while providing volunteers with opportunities to meet like minded people and to contribute, to learn and to grow at our Sustainable Living Center.

Volunteers earn special privileges at Earthwalk as well depending on your level of involvement. If you are accepted as a volunteer ask our Volunteer Supervisor about your volunteer benefits.

Green Thumb Volunteers
Organic Garden volunteers work along side or agricultural interns. They spend the bulk of their time out in the gardens, planting, weeding and harvesting. Be prepared for long hours outside and lots of repetitive garden tasks. Lots of opportunity to ask questions and experience the reality of organic food production.

Learning Centre Volunteers
Learning Centre volunteers do a lot of grunt work, but it’s fun and rewarding grunt work. They help with the day-to-day chores of running a learning centre. You may be mowing lawns, weeding ornamental gardens, helping with maintenance. You may also find yourself assisting a presentor with preparing and staging a workshop. You will also learn about sustainable living by being involved with evening programs. Learning Center volunteers often wear many hats.



Food Craft Volunteers
Our Food Craft volunteers work in the kitchen and dining area organizing menus, preparing meals, canning preserves, drying herbs and fruit, managing food storage, and cleaning up after meals. You work closley with the "Green Thumbs" to bring fresh food to our tables. You may be involved in planning special events and you will most likley learn a little about whole tasty food preparation and planning healthy high energy diets.



Office Volunteers
Our office volunteers are involved in a variety of work in our office, ranging from answering phones and doing research, filing records, answering correspondence, working on our newsletters, data base input, word processing, spreadsheets, etc. Office volunteers have to be prepared to wear a few hats. They can also be found assisting with marketing and helping with workshop preparations and presentations.


Studio Volunteers
Our studio volunteers work in our multi media center assisting with the production of educational and marketing materials for the centre. This work might involve assisting with graphic design, signage, sound recording, videography, photography, artwork as well as newsletter research, writing and production.

Eco Tech Volunteers
Our Eco Tech volunteers work in our Eco Tech Workshop working on the maintenance of our facilities and equipment and assisting with special development projects like our electric car and electric tractor and eco heating and cooling technologies.

Construction Volunteers
Our construction volunteers work on our construction crews working on building our facilities and our special demonstration structures. They make use of traditional and more innovative construction techniques at the center. They could also be involved with assisting with or green building workshops.

Special Project Volunteers
From time to time we require volunteer help specific to a project at Earthwalk, such as the permaculture gardens, the medicinal herb garden, orchard, vineyard, coordination of our festivals and events, and so on. If there is something in particular here that interests you, it is best to ask and see how we can accommodate your interests and skills.

Please Give Your Input - We are always open to suggestions. If you have something to contribute to the development of this site, the center itself or its programming feel free to give us a call or email us.



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